Interview mit Hino Akira

Wakayama’s mountains, located east of Tokyo, have always been considered as a spiritual place. There, one can find the many temples of Mount Koya, the sacred waterfall of Nachi as well as dozens of sanctuaries. And this is where Ueshiba Morihei, founder of Aikido, was born. It is also the place where Hino Akira, one of the greatest contemporary martial art master, built his house and school, the Hino Budo Institute.

Hino sensei is coming straight out of a novel. He grew up in Osaka’s suburbs where he quickly witnessed – and sometimes involuntarily played a role in – violent brawls. As a teenager, he followed a path towards music – that indirectly lead him to the way of martial arts. He has authored several books and videos, and so today his voice is heard beyond the martial world’s boundaries. Nowadays, Olympic medallists, kick-boxing and free-fight champions, professional football and rugby players as well as dancers, actors and therapists come to study with Hino sensei the efficient use of the body according to Budo’s principles.

Meet a master of exception.

Interview with Hino Akira, “Wakayama’s tengu” – by Leo Tamaki

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