Stephan Yamamoto

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Stephan Yamamoto delved into the martial arts (Budo) during his younger days. His passion lead him to Japan, where he studied Karate, Kendo, Iaido and Sumo in Kyoto, Tokyo and Okayama. The most important training he recieved was at the Shushukan under Sugimori Kichinosuke and in Iaido at the Kenshinkan dojo. With his expertise in the martial arts comes hands-on experience in different forms of Asian manual therapy.

He dedicated his life to conveying his experiences and has taught on countless seminars in Germany since then. After different stops he has been teaching Karate and Iaido in Leimen and Heidelberg since 2016. He holds several ranks in the martial arts, underwent trainer courses with the DOSB, and joined executive comittees in Germany and Japan.

He also researched on the religious reception of the martial arts between 2013 and 2017 at the Institute for Religious Studies, University of Heidelberg, and became a member of the Bunbu Research Community. During that time he conducted several projects, such as „Shushukan Budo“ with Rouven Haberkorn„Karadeera… bewegt Menschen“ with Andreas F. Albrecht and „simplyKarate“.

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with Sugimori Kichinosuke

at the Kenshinkan with Emi Akira (front, 2nd left) and Yamamoto Tsutomu (front, 1st right)

with Hino Akira

with Yokoyama Kazumasa (†)

with Leo Tamaki

with Tanaka Motomu