Body Diversity, or „Belly for Balance“

I am a great fan of body diversity. Not only in Yoga or the martial arts, but in every form of movement.

The necessity of being „slim“ originating in the militarized training and nationalistic body cult of the 19th and the beginning 20th century – re-issued by neo-liberal beauty standards towards being unhealthily lean or skinny – does not apply to those martial arts related to functional movement. Being „fit“ does not equal thin, as thin does not equal being fit. The video beneath proves this.

I have been working with clients suffering from back pain and knee problems for some time now. Their issues did not result from stature (some of them ran marathons) but from stress. Stress comes from everything we are forced to do without being attracted to. That is: the job, the demands others project on us, the strive for being appreciated and loved; even our parents and our families may break our necks. In the end, we lack self-acceptance. Instead, we tend to hate ourselves for not achieving the goals others had set for us.

Accept yourselves and move. Don’t wait until you are thin, „fit“ or „prepared“.